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For almost a decade, Alive have been pushing the boundaries of Land Rover tuning. With unrivalled technical prowess and our vast tuning experience, we have the ability to totally transform the heart, body and soul of your vehicle..

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the devil is
in the detail

Like many things in life, the finer details are what truly defines quality. Our product knowledge and attention to the finer details has always set us apart from the rest. Working with some of the most respected names in British and European Motorsport, and with our vast engine remapping experience, Alive Tuning has a long standing heritage of delivering only the very best. Discover more about what we can do for your vehicle here….

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Bring it to life

Although engine tuning and remapping is at the core of our business, we also excel with our uprated suspension conversions for Land Rover Defender, vastly improving on-road handling and comfort, as well as lowering the body for less roll. We’re well respected for our custom build Defenders too, uniquely tailored to your exact specification, giving you the ultimate in style and exclusivity. We offer a wide range of exclusive modifications that start from a simple ‘Bolt On’ part, through to big turbos for big power. Take a look at the Alive Boutique…

Alive Boutique

On a Roll

Alive is a Master tuning company, with a network of authorised dealers offering our product range to customers throughout the world. All of our remap tuning is developed in house using the very finest tuning tools, equipment and software. We have our own in house MAHA LPS3000 4 wheel drive rolling road dynamometer, one of only a few within the UK. Having the right tools and equipment demonstrates our commitment to quality, and this shines through with every vehicle we tune.

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Discover how we can make your car feel Alive. For your own tailor made tuning solution, give us a call or drop us an email and let us help you to feel the difference, and feel Alive!
Take a look at our FAQ area where our expert team have answered all the basics you need to know about our enhancement process.